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How to accurately and simply read football betting odds

Have you ever participated in football betting? If you're new to the game and don't know what the odds are? If you don't understand the concept of football betting odds yet? Then don't miss this article if you don't want to lose money unfairly due to lack of understanding.

What are football betting odds?

Betting odds, or football betting odds, represent the difference between the top-ranked team and the bottom-ranked team. Generally, based on the standings data, the team at the top is considered strong, and the team at the bottom is considered weak. When accessing a betting website, you need to accurately predict the difference in the final outcome of the game.

Each bookmaker provides players with different football betting odds based on the win prediction and choices of the players. Each percentage odds represent a prediction of the score difference between the two teams. These betting odds vary greatly between matches, so players need to carefully consider the strengths of both teams to predict the most accurate outcome.

Types of football betting odds

There are three basic and most popular forms of betting nowadays: Asian handicap, European handicap, and over/under odds. These are the types of betting that many players prefer today and are the most invested types by bookmakers, each with its own different way of playing. Let's learn more about these types of betting.

Asian Handicap

What is Asian Handicap? Asian Handicap, also known as Asian Odds or Macau Odds. These odds compare the difference in skill, class, and strength between two teams. As the name suggests, this type of betting is more popular with Asian players. These types of bookmakers are very fair, so you can see that they attract a lot of players.

In a game, the stronger team becomes the handicap and the weaker team becomes the handicapped. There are many different types of bets for this type of betting. The typical scenario is that the home team is ahead and the away team is behind. By tracking the odds column of the casino, you can easily see which team is the weakest and which team is the strongest.

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European Handicap

European Handicap, also known as 1X2 Handicap Betting or Win-Draw-Win. This type of betting was first introduced and is very popular in Europe.

This bet has 3 options for you to choose from: the home team, the away team, or a draw. Placing this bet is very simple. You just need to predict which team will win based on the odds provided by the bookmaker. So, newcomers can certainly try this European-style betting.

Over/Under Odds

In addition to Asian and European handicaps, over/under odds are also favored by many players. You can place these bets more easily if you know how to read them up and down. It doesn't require too much in-depth knowledge and isn't too complicated either. You just need to decide if the match ends over, under, or a draw based on the total number of goals.

If a player places an over bet, it means the total number of goals scored by both teams must exceed the odds set by the bookmaker. Conversely, under means the total number of goals in the match must be less than the bookmaker's odds. A draw occurs when the total number of goals matches the bookmaker's bet.

How to read football betting odds

To understand how to read football betting odds, players need to understand how the odds are written on the casino table. Of course, knowing how to read the payout table will make it easier for you to calculate your winning bets.

Here are some basic profiles you can check on the salary table:

0 corresponds to odds of 0:0. It's called "draw".

0-0.5 corresponds to odds of 1/4: half-left handicap, over, half money back in the first half.

1/2 corresponds to odds of 0.5: half-left handicap, draw, or lose.

0.5-1 corresponds to odds of 3/4: half-left handicap, half-left handicap, win 1 left, bettor wins half money.

1.0 corresponds to odds of 0:1: handicap 1 left, over/under 1 draw, over/under wins 1 left, over/under 1 draw.

Over/under odds 1-1.5 are 1:1/4: over half left handicap, over 1 and a half left handicap, over wins 1 and a half left.

1.5 corresponds to odds of 1:1/2: handicap 1.5, handicap 1 loses.

1.5-2 corresponds to odds of 1:3/4: 2 left, over 2 wins in the first half.

2.0 corresponds to odds of 0:2: handicap 2 left, over 2 draw.

2-2.5 corresponds to odds of 2:1/4: over/under 2 and a half left.

2.5 corresponds to odds of 2:1/2: over/under 2 left for the whole match.

So in the article on, they've shared about the concept of betting odds, various types of betting odds, and other useful information. If you're not familiar with what football betting odds are or how to calculate them, think carefully before placing your bets, calculate to maximize your potential profits.


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